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SEO has changed dramatically in recent years, and so have the requirements for effective SEO. Many websites simply do not work as desired purely because they no longer deliver the relevant updated requirements demanded by the likes of Google.

Whats changed? Basically the use of the following…

  • Keywords
  • Meta info
  • Content
  • Latent Semantics
  • Backlinks

Which are the key the elements that make up effective SEO

How Does That Affect You

These changes will have had an adverse effect on your website, such as:

  • Drop in Rankings
  • Drop in Traffic
  • Drop in Sales / Enquiries
  • Drop in your websites Authority

What Can You Do About It

We have extensive experience of providing SEO reviews that get results.

W can provide you with a comprehensive review of your website, which will include

  • OnPage Factors¬† – Inc Keyword use, Meta Info, Site & Page Authority
  • Off Page Factors – Inc Backlinks, External Sources

This report will let you know what keyterms your content and meta information is targeting and how to improve it.

The review comes with recommendations which you can implement yourself.

How To Order

Price Р£25

Leadtime: 3-5 working days

To order, send the following information :

* Url of pages to be reviewed (upto 5)
* Email to send review
* Transaction ID from paypal (Paypal ID :

Send the information to:

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