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Google AdWords Grant for Charities - Get upto £8,000 a month in FREE advertising


Google Adwords Grants can be seriously good for your charity’s health.

For some charities the grant provides in excess of 90% of their website visitors for FREE

What is Google Ad Grants for Charities?

The Google Ad Grant is open to registered charities in countries including the UK.

The grant is allocated for spending on Adwords, Google’s PPC (Pay per click) service, which is also referred to as sponsored or paid search. The grant is used to provide FREE adwords spend on a monthly basis, subject to certain terms and conditions. (There is no cost to the charity in terms of adwords spend)

Although Google reserves the right to turn charities down for any reason, including the organisation’s politics, in reality, refusal is rare.

For most charities the Google Ad Grants programme represents a unique opportunity to obtain a considerable amount of online advertising budget for FREE.

The grant provides the ability to obtain typically 350+ daily users, which is more than 8000 visitors per month and through proper optimisation, can be targeted for a variety of search activity , helping the charity to target exactly who they are looking to attract. This includes

  • Potential beneficiaries
  • Donors
  • Campaigners
  • Job applicants
  • People looking to support the charity by taking on a physical challenge
  • and much, much more…

Irrespective of organisation size, Adwords Grants offers charities approx £8000 ($10,000) value in google Adwords per month, which increases to approx £32,000 ($40,000) per month once accounts are effectively optimised and tracking visitors effectively (called GrantsPro).

The aprox £8,000 ($10,000) a month value is calculated by Google as approx £265 ($330) per day in terms of available ad spend.

How to get your share of this free advertising money from Google

This is where we can help.

There are a variety of requirements, including an application form that needs to be submitted. This highlights what the organisation does and the benefits a Google AdWords grant would bring.

As a leading Adwords certified agency involved in developing Google grants and managing grant adwords accounts, we are perfectly placed to help. Typically grant accounts operate slightly differently to standard search campaigns and therefore need a different set of strategies and tactics as a result.

Our aim with all the Charity accounts we manage is to maximise the account spend needed to be eligible for the $40,000 Grantspro.

We do this through effective optimisation, which delivers substantial results, immediately.

Once the account has been authorised by the Google grants team, sample campaigns need to be created to demonstrate that the charity understands how AdWords works and also that we are able to use the funds effectively and appropriately.

This needs to be done carefully as poorly constructed campaigns will be rejected by Google.

Find out how you could be benefiting from Google’s AdWords Charity Program.

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